Week Three|Project 4


Today was hand in day and overall I feel that the project went smoothly.

Pati provided some brilliant research which included lots of facts and figures about calories in fast food and also researched recipes. We decided that we wanted to hand out recipes for a starter and a main course and that we wanted to have different levels of difficulty, as some students may have more experience than others.
Whilst Pati was finishing off the research, Stu was able to set to work on creating the posters that we were going to put up around campus. We had decided that we were going to hold our event on the 26th March, 10-12 outside the terrace bar.
During the second week we began to put posters up around the university advertising our event as we wanted to give people plenty of notice. This was when my role came in as I had to film us putting up the posters. This was easier than expected as everyone inputted ideas for different shots to include whilst putting the posters up. We did hit a slight snag on the first day of putting posters up as my camera ran out of battery! At least that will teach me for stealing batteries out of remote controls! We met up the following day, once I had gone out and bought batteries, to continue putting the posters up. We also set up a Facebook (www.facebook.com/EatSmart) and a twitter account (@EatWithYourHead) so that we could raise awareness online as well!

In the final week, we decided to all go into town on monday 24th to buy the fruit that we wanted to hand out. We set a budget of £10, so £2.50 each and figured that if we bought fruit like apples, kiwis, strawberries and oranges that usually come in packs that we would get a lot for our money. We also bought bananas and grapes too. We also bought some cups to put the fruit salad in. We decided to meet up at 9am on Wednesday morning to prepare the fruit salad and set up the table for our 10am start.
Our event went really well and I was able to get lots of footage, including us explaining the event and other students talking about their eating habits and that they did not realise healthy eating could be so cheap. The following day came the part I was dreading – the editing. Although a small disaster in the morning as there were no macs free and the only other computers with Adobe Premier Pro on didn’t have memory card slots so I could not upload the footage to the pc. However, thanks to George Brittain and his trusty Macbook Air, I was able to transfer the footage onto his laptop and then put it on a memory stick for me to upload to the pc! The only casualty of this was that I used two memory cards and the first one with the footage I recorded on the first day of putting up the posters and then some shots of unpacking the food, wouldn’t upload to George’s Macbook so I couldn’t use them! This didn’t help calm my nerves at all about the editing.
Luckily, Natalie came down and sat with me throughout the time I was editing to add some creative input. Thankfully, my other memory card had more than enough footage, including more shots of putting up posters (glad my camera died on the first day actually!) it was more a case of trimming the footage down. Pati and Stu also came down to the mmc to help with the video and once it was done I was able to upload it to YouTube.
I am so thankful for my team on this project as I really don’t think I would have been able to get as much footage as I did without their input! They all helped me get as many shots as I needed and we all worked really well as a team.

The most important lesson that I have learnt throughout the past four projects that communication and a good project manager is the key for the project to be successful. It also helps to have a passion for the project, for example Morgan was a fan of Star Wars and it led to some brilliant research.
In this project each and every member got involved and we all shared healthy eating tips and tricks. Well done to all my teams! Working in a team is definitely one of the hardest things to do but also one of the most rewarding when you have all done a great job!


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