Week One |Project Four


This week the final project was set and we are to create a nudge campaign aimed at changing students behaviour in some way. Unfortunately I could not attend the brief as I was unwell, however Natalie got in contact with me as soon as she found out I was in her team.
My group members are:
Natalie Down – Project Manager
Pati Marshall – Research
Stuart Phillips – Content Creator
Myself – Production and Dissemination

Like other groups we had all been in, we quickly set up a Facebook page so that we could easily contact each other. Through this we set up a meeting for early the following week to discuss ideas and get the ball rolling, although after some facebook discussion and because Natalie had to send Jane a proposal for the brief, we decided upon healthy eating.

At the meeting we decided that we wanted to focus on healthy eating for students, but take the angle of making it affordable too. We also wanted to create an event where we could hand out fruit and recipe cards. If I’m honest, I was quite nervous for this project as my role involved creating a video documenting our campaign. I was worried that it wasn’t going to be long enough and that my editing skills aren’t too great, however Pati and Stu had experience in filming and reassured me it will all be fine. It’s always nice to have your team backing you.

Pati set about the research straight away as we wanted to be able to start on the content creation as soon as possible so we could spread the word about our event. I think this project is going to be a learning curve for me as I am stepping far out of my comfort zone filming and editing (they’re not my favourite things to do!),however I am eager to improve my editing skills.


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