Week Three|Project 3


Since I last blogged myself and my team had been working hard on our magazine and handed it in today.  Morgan provided me with excellent research which enabled me to easily write the articles for the magazine.  I have actually enjoyed the Star Wars theme with this project as it enabled me to learn more about something I was not originally interested in! During last week we met up as a team and discussed the design of the magazine, although Alice seemed slightly unsure and I don’t really think she took our ideas on board.  I suggested, since it was a Star Wars magazine, to use the iconographic rolling credits thats at the beginning of Star Wars films as the contents page.  Before suggesting this I even tried it out on photoshop at home to see if it was easily done, and it was.  We left the meeting confident that the magazine would turn out great.

However, during the final week there were a few mishaps.  Although I asked Alice in the beginning if she had photoshop, and she assured me she did, it turns out that it was only a trial and ran out before she had finished the magazine! Although myself and Sam offered to help with the design if she sends it over as we both have photoshop, she declined and continued to design the magazine on word.  When we finally got a look at the magazine, Alice had put the title as ‘Empire’, which we were all slightly confused by.  Although basing our magazine on the magazine franchise Empire was our initial idea, it was never to be called Empire and we couldn’t understand why she didn’t call it Star Wars as it was solely a Star Wars magazine.  This did make us all worry slightly as we don’t know how much attention Alice was paying in the group meetings and if they were wasted on her.  I also found out that she did not read any of the research.  I understand that it was not her job to read the research, however she was designing a magazine on something she had never seen and I think the research would have definitely helped her in the long run! 

The night before the deadline, Alice messaged the entire group and asked if it was all to be printed out on A4, to which we all replied quickly, no! Again this was shocking as she was in the lecture when the project was first introduced and in the group tutorial with Jane when Jane showed Alice on a piece of paper how it was to be printed out.  This again makes me wonder if she was paying much attention at all.  The confusion over the printing then led to Alice not printing the magazine until the morning of the deadline and when she turned up at the meeting we discovered it was all printed out on A4.  Although the rest of us reassured her it was fine (as there was nothing we could do now!) I think we all felt a little bit let down as we all put in a lot of hard work.

Despite the disappointment with the printing, I did thoroughly enjoy this project as it is something I would like my career to be in once I have finished university.  I learnt through this project that communication is key and although someone may turn up to meetings and say they understand, they may not.  I feel this was a valuable lesson to Sam, Morgan and myself.  Our group worked well together and Sam was a great PM, organising meetings and booking tutorials in advance and making sure we were all free to attend the meetings.  Sam was always there to answer any questions anyone had.  I would not have been able to complete my task without the thorough research that was provided to me by Morgan.  It was definitely the boys in this team that made this project successful. 


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