Week One¦Project 3


For this project our task was to create a magazine with a front cover, contents page and two articles.  This project seems quite fun to me as I would love to work for a magazine after university.  The roles in my group were:

Sam Heron – Project Manager

Morgan Murphy – Research

Content Creator – Myself

Production – Alice Briggs

After the project was introduced we all added each other on facebook and began a group chat.  We decided to have a meeting during the following week on the Thursday as this was when we were all free.  During the meeting we discussed our options for the magazine and we decided upon a film review magazine, similar to Empire.  However, after our first group tutorial with Jane on the Friday, we discovered that a lot of other groups had also decided on a film magazine and Jane advised us to either come up with a different topic, or create a fan based film magazine.  During the meeting, where only Sam, Morgan and I atteneded we decided upon doing a magazine based on the Star Wars franchise.  Although I have never watched a Star Wars franchise, we felt as a group that the Star Wars franchise would prove an interesting magazine and Morgan (the researcher) had watched plenty of Star Wars films and felt confident he could provide me with enough research to write the articles.  After the meeting Morgan set about his research and we filled Alice in with what she had missed. 

Overall, I felt that this magazine would turn out successful as it would be a fun magazine to design, as even I know some of the iconography from the Star Wars franchise!


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