Week Three¦Project 2


Throughout the first two weeks of the project, Nikki Vanessa and I were working closely together however we found it difficult to contact Cameron as he was not turning up to any lectures and rarely any group meetings we had together.
During the second week we all advised Cameron on what days during the third week we could all meet up and record our voices for the presentation so he was well aware of our availability in advance. Despite this, he emailed us all the night before he was going to create the powerpoint (towards the end of the third week!!) and asked if we were available. Me and Nikki were not available to record as we had told him in the previous week that we had other commitments and the PM Vanessa was fine with this.
I was told that during the week Cameron was creating the powerpoint, Vanessa met with him just to go over the powerpoint and see if any improvements could be made. Vanessa told me that she suggested improvements and that he just shrugged it off.
When Cameron finally uploaded the powerpoint for all of us to see on the Thursday evening before the deadline, we all suggested a number of improvements that could have been made. These improvements were small but would have aided the presentation and increased the continuity. Cameron’s attitude to this was less than negative and his response to the improvements was along the lines of “meh, I can’t be bothered to walk back down to the library in the rain, it’s my mark that affected so whatever”. This angered both Nikki and myself as we felt that we had worked hard on our roles and although yes it was Cameron’s grade that would be affected, we wanted a presentation to be proud of and displayed the amount of work the rest of the team put into it!
Cameron’s attitude throughout this whole project was lazy and negative and I would not work with him again.


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