Week Two¦Project 2


We had a group tutorial with Jane on the 24th January where only Nikki and myself were able to attend.  It was unfortunate that neither Vanessa or Cameron could attend as they were both ill, however I do understand as it is that time of year where there is lots of illnesses flying around!

In the meeting we discussed with Jane the question we had chosen and she advised us to take a certain angle on the presentation as many other groups had also chosen our question.  We decided to look at the sensitive storylines from the audiences point of view and the ways in which they reacted to them.  In the meeting I mentioned Stuart Hall’s theory on readings (preferred, negotiated, oppositional) and I told Nikki I would include that in the research, including more research about the audiences perception of the storylines and would get the research back to her by the following Monday.  We also wanted to include some information about television regulation as we wanted to know why some particular soap storylines were allowed onto television, despite the controversy that they caused.

After the meeting I headed straight to the library to pick up some books on british television and regulation.  I was able to find several books on the topics and thought that the books would provide me with all the information I need.  However, I soon discovered that the books were rather outdated (post 2000) and most of the information did not apply.  Although I was able to find some information about audience readings from the books and apply them to the research, I found that most of my research had to be from online sources, including newspapers and journals, as these were the most current and applied to the topic.

The week continued with Nikki and I being in constant communication, looked over by the PM, discussing the script which Nikki had made and if any improvements were needed or if any more research needed to be done.  I found with being the researcher for this particular task, there were a lot of unknown unknown’s and were not known to be needed until Nikki was writing the script.  The Facebook group allowed us however to be in communication with each other and I was able to quickly research for Nikki anything that she needed. 

Overall, Nikki was a brilliant content creator!



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