Week One|Project 2


For our second project we were to produce an academic powerpoint presentation answering one of four questions.

After a meeting on 20th January, we have decided as a group to answer the question:

Are there some stories that are just too sensitive for soap operas to cover? Discuss in relation to specific examples from television and/or radio.

As researcher, I was really drawn into this question as when I first read it, I instantly thought of the Eastenders Baby Swap storyline and that we could easily find a tremendous amount of research on this.

After the meeting, I set about researching the two main soap operas on television – Eastender’s and Coronation Street.  We chose to include Coronation Street as during that week and the previous week, they had been airing a sensitive storyline over an assisted suicide. My research contained average viewing figures for both the soap operas, research on both the storylines and also general key themes in soap operas.

My research found that most soap operas are set in a working class society and found that more often than not, there is a strong female character in most major story lines.

We have a meeting on the 25th with Jane and I will hand my research to Nikki whilst I am there and see if she needs anything else.


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