Week One¦Meeting One


Our first project for Manipulating Media is to create a 3 minute video aimed at Sixth Form students who may be considering a media degree.  We were put into groups of four, each with a different role to carry out throughout the first project.  My group is as follows:

Rebecca Stocks (Myself) – Project Manager

Kate Collins – Research

Reece Bell – Content Creator

Bobby Barter – Production

We had our first meeting on Tuesday 19th November and as project manager I had to make notes of what was talked about in the meeting.  My main aim for the meeting was to discuss our main aims and objectives for the project, have some initial ideas about what genre the video was going to be and also come up with an audience profile.

Kate (our researcher) was brilliantly prepared for our first meeting as she had already carried out some fantastic research.  She had looked at the percentage of graduates who have taken a media degree and are now in a media related job and also researched an average starting salary.  Kate had also managed to send out an open questionnaire to Sixth Form students in which we were able to get some brilliant qualitative research.  This in particular gave us some idea of the main concern of Sixth Form students, with some being the fees and not understanding student finance and also the chances of receiving employment once they have graduated.  We have decided to focus our video around these two points, whilst also discussing why media is important in the 21st Century.

Audience Profile

Jamie & Emma

Aged 16 – 19

Sixth Form Students

Serious about their studies however they are considering their options

Interested in either media or film

Are social and enjoy going out with their friends – they could possibly be worried about having to make new friends at University.

We decided that we were going to aim to film on the 28th November, which gave us just over a week to research more and plan out the filming.  We wanted to allow time for editing also as we all know from our other subjects that editing can take longer than filming!

We also decided that we want to set up social networking accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter for our brand.  This is so Sixth Form students can contact us asking us questions or advice once they have seen the video.

Overall, I feel my group is communicating well and we have some sound ideas for the project.  Each member of the team is pulling their weight and I am particularly impressed with Kate’s research.  Reece and Bobby are also working well together, organising their own meetings to discuss ideas for the storyboard and script once we have had our initial group discussions.


Critical Reflection

“Reflection is ongoing, it’s often messy and it provides more openings than closings.


Reflection is an important part of studying as it allows you to critically evaluate your own progress within the course.  Writing things down also allows you to clarify your thoughts and work out strategies to best approach the task at hand.  It will also allow me to reflect on my learning styles and how to adapt them to the projects.     To critically reflect on the projects, I will see if the aims and outcomes were SMART (specific, measurable, action orientated, realistic and relevant, time based).  If the targets were SMART, then I will reflect on how I achieved them however if they were not then I will critically analyse and evaluate them and suggest a better approach for in the future.  Any criticism I do have, I will ensure that it is constructive so that I and my team members can learn from it.

Why Am I Blogging?


For Manipulating Media I have been asked to write a blog, with at least one entry per week.  This is so that my lecturer and myself can keep track of where I am in the course.  Blogging each week will allow me to reflect on the course and how the projects are going.  It will also allow me to critically analyse my work and the groups performance throughout the projects.  Blogging can also aid creativeness throughout the projects and I will easily be able to share any inspirations via video, images or quotes to my team members.  

Blogging Inspiration

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